We marry the best whisky with the finest chocolate to make exquisite exclusive fine rare liquor-filled pralines.

The melt-in-your mouth chocolate shell of our pralines is made with custom-sourced cocoa from the finest cocoa beans handpicked by growers on family-owned farms. The beans are then processed by hand and blended into the smoothest silkiest chocolate by craftsmen following a traditional chocolate making methods in a small factory.

The liquor in the heart of our pralines is what makes our chocolates special. We infuse our pralines with rare and fine liquors, the types that are difficult and almost impossible to find. Some of the whiskies we use, for example, are no longer available on the market at all.

We go to great lengths to find and secure the best and rarest of liquors,
often open bottles from private collections,
sometimes even as little as the last few grams from the bottle.

All the liquors we use are most exclusive, unique, limited edition, collectors’ grade, special and rare. By marrying those rare liquors with the finest chocolate, we bring you the best of both worlds in a unique, exclusive, one-of-a-kind package – our exclusive fine rare liquor-filled pralines.

We produce only a limited number of hand-crafted, hand-filled chocolates — only so many as the exclusive limited liquor we have on hand for the filling. Some of our releases are as limited as 20 pralines, depending of how much rare and fine liquor we have available for the batch.

The good news is that we always manage to secure the most exclusive, unique, limited edition, collectors’ grade, special and rare fine liquors and turn them into the most exquisite pralines for you.

Introducing Schnäkeria Whisky Pralines

Hi, we are Melanie and Günther!

We are the people behind Schnäkeria Whisky Pralines.

We make exquisite one-of-a-kind liquor-filled pralines. Our pralines are made with melt-in-your-mouth white, milk or dark chocolate filled with a creamy core containing several grams of real, exclusive, fine, and rare whisky.

Schnäkeria Whisky Pralines combine Melanie’s life-long love affair with fine chocolate and Gunther’s passion for fine and rare whiskies.

Founder / Chocolate Expert

Melanie has been in love with chocolate since she can remember and to this date she has tried over a thousand different types of chocolate. She is the one who selected the super fine and exclusive fairtrade bio Lubeca chocolate to be used in the making of the shells of Schnäkeria Whisky Pralines.

Founder / Whisky Connoisseur

Gunther’s love and knowledge of fine whisky and his uncanny ability to discover and source rare, unique, and often long gone bottlings make him the perfect half of the Schnäkeria team. He is the one who whips up the silky smooth ganache liquor filling of Schnäkeria Whisky Pralines.

Pralines Tester

Merlin is the in-house tester and approver of the chocolates! Do not be alarmed tho – he is only allowed to taste the chocolate and never the alcohol-infused pralines! Nevertheless, his facial expressions when tasting the Lubeca chocolate and the ganache, before the liquor is added, are an infallible stamp of approval.

One-of-a-kind Pralines

Good alcohol shouldn’t be saved just for drinking! Our exclusive Schnäkeria Whisky Pralines are the living proof of that.

Handmade daily, in very limited numbers, we hand-craft and hand-fill our chocolates with a delicious mix of the finest fairtrade bio Lubeca chocolate and a selection of fine rare limited edition alcohol. Our upscale pralines are worth the expense — and the calories!

Liqueur chocolates traditionally come in either a ganache style or in an intense filled form which gush out upon biting. Schnäkeria Pralines are the first type.

Milk chocolate shell praline

Dark chocolate shell praline

White chocolate shell praline

The pralines consist of an outer shell, made of milk, dark or white chocolate, and a ganache filling with creamy texture. That inner core consists of a mixture of whole milk powder, cocoa powder, honey and cream and is infused with alcohol. Those ingredients are then whipped to give the insides of our pralines a delicious velvety mousse-like consistency.

Hand-made Boxes

Schnäkeria Whisky Praline come in wooden hand-made boxes of 9 or 16 chocolates. Once a year we also release a special Advent Calendar and that comes in it’s very own unique box with 24 pralines.

9 praline box

16 pralines box

24 praline box